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Tea from Java

Tea from Java – Why it matters

Tejava.  It’s tea from Java, Indonesia.  The name is as simple as our tea.  Nearly 30 years ago, our founding tea master traveled the world tasting many tea varieties.  His search ended when he tasted the perfect black tea from the Indonesian island of Java.  Although Java is often associated with coffee, the island’s terroir is the secret to our all-natural tea. Terroir is the natural combination of climate, soil, and topography that affects the flavor, aroma, and ultimately the taste of tea.

The Java terroir has perfect conditions to nurture tea leaves that define the boldly smooth taste of Tejava.  Although tropical, the temperature swings between day and night, drawing in fog – a key element for high quality tea.  Also, Mother Nature blesses the growing environment – high altitude, volcanic soil, and gentle slope – all yielding tea leaves with little astringency or bitterness.  Handpicking the delicate leaves at the peak of season, May through October, also allows for gentle handling which preserves the naturally smooth flavor of the tea.

To deliver consistent Tejava flavor our fans have come to love, the tea leaves are sourced from two farms in Java.  Like any agricultural product, tea flavor can vary from year to year.  By using their discerning senses to smell and slurp (the expert way of tasting), our Tea Masters adjust the ratio of leaves, creating a blend that guarantees our signature Tejava flavor with every batch of tea brewed.

Tejava is the original all-natural unsweetened black tea. It's enjoyed as hot tea or unsweetened iced tea.  While not certified organic, Tejava has been verified by the Non-GMO Project – ensuring our consumers that all ingredients are 100% natural and not genetically modified.  Not only are we committed to guaranteeing our consumers the highest quality, best tasting unsweetened tea, we also support the local community in Java by sourcing exclusively from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.  The Rainforest Alliance ensures the tea leaves are sustainably grown to benefit farm families, wildlife, and the environment.