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Black Tea vs Green Tea

True teas, black, green, and oolong all come from the leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant. The differences in color, taste, and benefits are all dependent on the processing of the tea leaves and the brewing of the tea.

Tejava Unsweetened Original black tea and Unsweetened Hojicha or Green Tea are all made using leaves that are picked from the tops of the plants during the optimal harvesting season.  The differences in the end products, black tea or green tea, are a result of the processing and oxidation of the tea leaves after they are picked. 

Green tea is produced by harvesting the leaves, allowing them to wither, and then heating them either with steam or by pan-firing.  This process stops oxidation – the browning of the tea leaves – allowing them to retain their color and delicate, fresh flavor. Black tea is produced by harvesting the leaves, allowing them to wither, and then crushing or rolling them so that the leaves will oxidize before drying.  This results in the deeper color and richer taste and aroma of black tea.

Both black and green teas contain caffeine.  The amount of caffeine can vary based on the varietal of the tea plant and the processing and brewing methods.  Typically, green tea contains less caffeine than black tea so it may be a more popular choice for an afternoon tea. 

If you’re a green tea fan and you haven’t already tried matcha, you might want to give it a sip.  Matcha is powdered green tea leaves mixed with water.  People who enjoy matcha report that it tastes sweeter and creamier than brewed green tea.  Because it is the whole leaf, matcha packs about 3X the amount of caffeine compared to a cup of brewed green tea.

Whether you choose unsweetened green tea or black tea, you should know you’re enjoying a healthy beverage loaded with antioxidants.  Antioxidants are credited with supporting good heart health and they may help to prevent cancer and other diseases. 



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