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Tejava Wins 4 Awards at Global Tea Championship

We are proud to announce that Tejava Original Black Tea, Tejava Peach Flavored Tea, Tejava Origins Fujian Oolong Tea, and Tejava Origins Hojicha Green Tea have received honor and recognition by the Global Tea Championship (GTC).

Tejava has been brewing a boldly smooth black tea for just about 30 years. Since 2011, Tejava Original Black Tea in 1L glass bottle has won every year at the Global Tea Championship, formerly the North American Tea Championship. This year, Tejava once again received the highest score of any tea in the unsweetened black tea category as judged by professional tea cuppers (aka tasters).

Tejava Peach Flavored Tea entered the competition this year for the first time and received the highest score in the category of flavored black tea, making it the second flavored black tea offered by Tejava to make the list (Tejava Raspberry Flavored Tea was entered in 2018 and received recognition as well). 

With our first foray into new tea varieties, both Tejava Origins varieties were recognized by the GTC. Tejava Origins Fujian Oolong Tea was the ONLY tea in the category of unsweetened oolong tea to receive enough points to score a “win”. Tejava Origins Hojicha Green Tea was qualified for honors with another brand.

What makes Tejava teas so special? It’s our relentless pursuit of perfection, painstaking attention to quality, and a steadfast conviction in our products that have proven to be a winning recipe.  We start with a strong foundation – a black tea that is sustainably grown on Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, and organically grown Green and Oolong teas from Japan and China respectively, that are carefully picked, expertly processed, and masterfully roasted. We use exacting methods to produce our products in small batches. Then, we quality-test each production, ensuring consistency in quality and flavor from batch to batch.

About the Global Tea Championship

The care we take is reflected in the judgement of the Global Tea Championship (GTC). GTC judges are selected based on their reputation, professionalism, and extensive experience cupping teas (minimum of 5 years of cupping teas for purchase, quality control, development, etc.). They evaluate teas blind (without knowing the brand) and rate them on the following qualities:

    • Appearance of dry leaf: tippy, clean and neat, characteristic of the category
    • Color: bright, clear, and characteristic of the category
    • Aroma: characteristic of the category
    • Flavor: brisk, complex, juicy, characteristic of the category – astringency is ok, if it is characteristic of the tea
    • Mouthfeel: good body, smooth
    • Overall harmony: well-conceived, distinct, balanced

    Judge for yourself! Purchase Tejava Original Black Tea, Tejava Peach Flavored Black Tea, Tejava Origins Fujian Oolong Tea or Hojicha Green Tea on Amazon today.

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