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Tejava Freshness Stamp

Our Time Stamp

Curious about your Tejava product's expiration date or when freshness expires? Our time stamp lets you know when the product was made. 

You can find the time stamp on every bottle of Tejava.  


Where to Find It

1 Liter & 12 oz Bottles:

Printed directly above the Nutrition Facts.

Tejava Bottles Time Stamp Location

Our Tejava in glass bottles is best when consumed within 2 years of production. 

Our Tejava in plastic bottles is best when consumed within 12 months of production.


How to Read It 

Tejava Bottle Expiration How to Read 

  • Our PET plastic bottles are 100% recyclable
  • PET bottles are BPA free



Where to Find It

Carton: Year, Day, and Time:

Printed on bottom panel.

Pod: Year and Day Only:

Printed on side panel

Tejava Pods Time Stamp Location 


Tejava Tea in single serve pods tastes best if brewed within two years of production. 

 How to Read It

 Tejava Pods Expiration How to Read

  • The pods are BPA free
  • Tejava Tea Pods are Recyclable

    We took extra care to ensure that our tea pods would give Tejava fans their favorite tea in a recyclable package. The white cup itself is Plastic #5 (BPA free & recyclable), the lid is aluminum and recyclable with metals, and the filter and tea leaves are both compostable materials.