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Tejava FAQs

Tejava Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Tejava?
  • Tejava is an all-natural, unsweetened black tea.

Why did you create Tejava?
  • 30 years ago, our founding tea master noticed a growing trend of Americans enjoying iced tea. He saw an opportunity to create a refreshingly delicious tea without any sweeteners or preservatives.

Where is Tejava made?
  • Tejava is made in our production facility in Bakersfield, CA.

    Where does Tejava tea come from?
    • While Tejava is made in the U.S., our tea leaves come from the island of Java, Indonesia. There, they are picked for optimal flavor.  All our tea leaves our sourced exclusively from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.  These farms ensure the tea leaves are sustainably grown to benefit farm families, wildlife, and the environment.

      How much caffeine is in Tejava?
      • Tejava contains 70 mg of caffeine per 16.9 oz. bottle and 50 mg of caffeine per 12 oz. bottle.

        What is the expiration date of Tejava? Does Tejava expire?
        • Tejava is best consumed within 2 years for glass bottles and 1 year for PET bottles.

          Does Tejava use preservatives? 
          • To avoid using preservatives, Tejava is fully pasteurized to insure product quality.

            How do you add flavors without adding sweeteners in Tejava?
            • Tejava can now be enjoyed with the subtle flavors of peach, mint, or raspberry. The flavors are created by steaming real fruit(s) and capturing the “essence”.  Our flavors are all-natural and Non-GMO Project verified.

              Is Tejava gluten free, vegan & kosher?
              • Tejava is kosher. Tejava is made using natural tea leaves and we do not add gluten. However, we do not warranty our product as “gluten free”, because we do not test for it.  There are no animal by-products in the production of Tejava (no honey, dairy, etc.), but we do not certify it as a vegan product. Please refer to our Nutrition Facts on the back-label panel for additional information. We are proud to share that Tejava has been verified by the Non-GMO Project.

                Is Tejava safe for diabetics to drink?
                • We recommend always referring to your physician for advice on dietary needs and restrictions. Tejava is an all-natural unsweetened black tea with no added preservatives or sweeteners.

                  Is Tejava good for kids to drink?
                  • Tejava does contain caffeine. We recommend consulting your pediatrician or dietitian for advice.

                    Why did you decide to make tea pods?
                    • Single-serve brewers are becoming increasingly popular, both at home and in offices. We saw an opportunity to provide our consumers with another convenient way to enjoy Tejava.  The tea leaves used to make our tea pods are sourced from the same Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms in Java, Indonesia as our other Tejava products.

                      Why did you add plastic bottles?
                      • In response to our consumers’ demand for a safe, on-the-go container, we reintroduced our BPA-free, PET plastic bottles in February of 2017.

                        Aren't plastic bottles bad for the environment?
                        • Tejava is committed to employing sustainable business practices. Our PET bottles are 100% BPA-free, phthalate-free, and 100% recyclable.

                          What is the Global Tea Championship?
                          • The Global Tea Championship™ is an independent competition, judged by tea professionals to distinguish the highest quality & best tasting teas commercially available. Tejava is proud to hold 6 Gold awards for our unsweetened black iced tea in glass and was recently awarded the bronze award for our newly launched original black tea pod.

                            Where can I buy Tejava?
                            • Tejava is available here on our website – just click Shop. You can also purchase online through Amazon and Intelligent Blends.  If you’re looking for a retailer near you, check out our store locator.

                            Why is the online price so expensive?
                            • We take great pride in our products and we strive to deliver superior customer service and consumer satisfaction. We heard from our fans across the country who couldn’t find Tejava near their homes and we responded with an improved website.  We are now able to deliver Tejava directly to customers. Our pricing reflects both the quality of our product (Tejava is a seven-time winner of the Global Tea Championship™) and the convenience of home delivery. Although we charge a flat rate for shipping, the actual cost of transport is significantly more than our fee because beverages are very heavy. In addition, we offer free shipping on orders of $75 or more, providing even more savings to our customers.

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