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Tejava Nutrition

Tejava: A Healthy Choice

Tejava is the original unsweetened black tea.  Black tea is known to provide several health benefits.  Scientific studies have shown the antioxidant properties in black tea are credited with decreasing the risks of chronic disease and improving overall heart health.  Black tea not only has nutritional benefits, but also it can help you to focus and increase productivity.  Black tea has been shown to help improve focus due to its content of caffeine, which is less than coffee, combined with an amino acid called L-theanine. This amino acid increases alpha activity in the brain, which can help improve focus and alertness.  In an increasingly health-conscious marketplace, Tejava unsweetened black tea provides consumers great tasting refreshment with the added health benefits of black tea. 

Tejava Iced Tea: No Calories & No Carbs

Consumers are replacing soda and other sugary drinks with zero-calorie, no-carb drinks.  Tejava is refreshment at its purest – tea plus water – nothing else. Although the ingredients are simple, we can assure you that our proprietary brewing process is a true craft, yielding the best tasting, all-natural, always unsweetened, black tea. With zero added sugar, it has zero calories, zero carbs, and zero guilt.  The Tejava nutrition panel on the label says it all – don’t be surprised to find a lot of zeros!

Tejava: Original Unsweetened Black Tea

Tejava is pure, natural, refreshingly unsweetened black tea brewed using only the purest of ingredients.   Tejava never adds sweeteners, bringing you the best tasting, no-carb iced tea.  Tejava fans love the bold, yet smooth flavor of our unsweetened tea.   Many of our Tejava fans on social networks shared that they were adding fruit to their favorite unsweetened tea. We took the hint and found a way to flavor Tejava with natural flavors.

Tejava: Non-GMO verified

From day one, Tejava has been only tea + water. Our commitment to making only natural and unsweetened tea will always be our number one priority. Consumer demand for more information about what they drink and eat prompted us to make our long-standing commitment to natural ingredients official. Verification from the Non-GMO Project further strengthens the brand’s commitment to high quality.  Extending our commitment to the local communities where our tea is grown our tea leaves are hand-picked from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms in Java, Indonesia.  These leaves are then brewed in small batches, ensuring freshness and consistent quality.  The unique processing techniques yield rich, full-bodied flavors with no added sweeteners, preservatives or artificial ingredients.   Tejava is known and loved for its bold, yet smooth flavor.