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Tejava Origins™ Hojicha Green Tea

Tejava Origins™ Hojicha (Hoh-Jee-Cha) Green Tea

Tejava has always promised the best tasting tea with nothing artificial and no sugar added, this commitment has created a very loyal Tejava fan base. Adding green tea to our family was an obvious choice for our health-conscious consumers because green tea has long been recognized for its health benefits. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that may have various beneficial effects on your overall health. Improved brain function, heart health, and lower risk of cancer are just a few reasons consumers are choosing to drink green tea.

At Tejava, we have always prided ourselves on being masters of our craft and this endeavor to brew the best tasting green tea is no different. The tea journey always begins with the leaves. Tejava Origins green tea leaves are grown in Kagoshima, Japan. A volcanic region with mineral rich soils is perfect for growing green tea. The tea farms benefit from southerly breezes that bring mild temperatures with ample rainfall to produce exceptional green tea with low astringency.

What makes Tejava Origins Green Tea different from other ready to drink green teas on the market is its smooth roasted flavor. Most green teas in the US are either Sencha – a steamed green tea steeped in water and characterized by a grassy, vegetal flavor, or Matcha – green tea leaves pulverized into a powder and mixed with water for a deep, often bitter, flavor.

The word Hojicha means “roasted” in Japanese.  Our master roaster carefully evaluates each batch of green tea leaves and adjusts the kiln temperature, roasting time, and smoke level to achieve a signature roasted green tea flavor.  Delicately brewed in small batches, Tejava Origins green tea has a deeply roasted taste, rounded with a touch of nutty flavor.  A favorite as an after-dinner drink, roasted green tea is enjoyed by the Japanese for its stomach calming effect. A green tea tradition that began in the 1920’s in Japan is now available to you, direct to your door from Tejava.  Treat yourself to some Tejava Origins™ Hojicha Green Tea today.

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