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Tejava Origins™ Oolong Tea

Tejava Origins™ Fujian (Foo-Jee-In) Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a unique variety of tea whose origin dates back over 400 years in China. It is categorized somewhere between a green and black tea as its leaves are partially oxidized. Fujian is a variety of oolong tea. Our tea master carefully selected our oolong tea from southern China in Guizhou. This region hosts a subtropical climate that is ideal for oolong tea cultivation. The oolong tea farms are planted on mild slopes to achieve optimal water flow and protected by pine trees.

Oolong tea is desired for its distinctive flavor and optimal health benefits. Adding Tejava Origins Fujian Oolong Tea to the Tejava product line provides health-conscious consumers with a great tasting, high-quality oolong tea. Combining the qualities of dark and green tea, oolong tea is said to offer several interesting health benefits.  Consumers looking for ways to boost metabolism, reduce stress, and improve bone density are incorporating oolong tea to their daily routine.

At Tejava we value the process of making great tea as much as we value the taste.  Our oolong tea leaves are handpicked and carefully roasted to achieve optimal flavor.  Oolong tea is partially oxidized – a little more than green tea and not as much as black tea. This partial oxidation is what is gives oolong tea its unique color and taste. Tejava Origins Fujian Oolong Tea is a proprietary blend that will delight tea fans with subtle floral notes and a boldly smooth, toasted flavor. Whether you’ve been a Tejava fan for years, or you’ve recently acquired the taste for tea, we recommend you try Tejava Origins Oolong today!

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