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Introducing Tejava Origins™

Tejava Origins™ - Harvested around the world. Perfected in Tejava.

For thirty years, we have proudly produced our Tejava® Original Black Tea. Grown on the island of Java, Indonesia, the name says it all: Tea from Java. The bold yet smooth taste of our unsweetened ready-to-drink black tea has won awards for its superior taste seven times and, for many, is unparalleled. Until now.

Introducing Tejava Origins™. Tejava Origins leaves are hand-selected by our Tea Master from some of the best growing regions in the world, bringing you teas as authentic and unique as the places they’re cultivated.  Expanding our reach beyond Indonesia allows us to introduce new tea varieties while maintaining our commitment to unsweetened, full flavored tea.

Tejava Origins is available in two delicious varieties: Hojicha Green Tea and Fujian Oolong Tea. We brewed this tea just for you  - our fun-loving, adventure-seeking fans who love tea. Try them, we're confident you'll encourage your friends and family to experience these new teas with you. As with all our Tejava tea products, Tejava Origins is unsweetened; additionally, Tejava Origins tea is certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Kosher. 

Tejava Origins Hojicha (pronounced Hoh-Jee-Cha), meaning roasted green tea, is grown in Kagoshima, Japan, a region noted for its mineral-rich volcanic soils.  This green tea has a deeply roasted taste, with just a hint of nutty flavor.  Tejava Origins Fujian (pronounced Foo-Jee-In), a variety of oolong tea, comes from Southern, China, an area with a subtropical climate ideal for oolong cultivation.  Our proprietary blend of oolong tea has a subtle floral note with a smooth toasted flavor. 

Tea is revered and enjoyed around the world.  At Tejava we recognize that you, our fans and future consumers are looking for great-tasting, healthy beverages.  Green tea and oolong tea are both recognized for their health benefits, along with their unique flavors.  We use only the highest quality, organic tea leaves and have perfected our brewing process to create the truly authentic-tasting green and oolong tea with Tejava Origins. 

Tejava Origins is available in 1-liter, twelve bottles in a case and available here through our online store today.  You’ll be able to find Tejava Origins Hojicha Green Tea and Fujian Oolong Tea at select retailers.